Dienstag, 23. August 2016

Iron Hands: Rapier Laser Destroyer

About a week ago, I bought a really old model on ebay. It was a Rapier Laser Destroyer from the Rogue Trader era about 25 years ago. I pimped the model a little bit and cobbled a crew together from some leftovers. Hope you like it!

Sonntag, 14. August 2016

404 - Battle Report not found :D

Yesterday we played a great battle with a total of 11,000 points. An alliance of my Iron Hands and a Dark Angels Siege Vanguard faced a company sized Salamander army!

Although we documented the battle well, I refrain from writing a detailed battle report. Rather I would like to show you some (post-processed) images of the battle and from a small photo shooting thereafter.

Why? Well, it was a really nice game, but my opinion it lacked the really memorable scenes / key moments. In short, the Salamanders could not build momentum and play their numerical superiority off against us. Their stronger units kept stuck in some of our "tarpits" early in the game or did arrive too late from reserve to turn the tide. Meanwhile we seized the opportunity to disaggregate everything else gradually...

Here are the mentioned images without further commentary (click to view larger images):




Donnerstag, 11. August 2016

DIY - Apocalyptic Blast Template

One day we planned a big battle with our super heavy tanks. But we faced a little problem - we had no Apocalyptic Blast Template for our Baneblades and a Typhon Heavy Siege Tank. At that time we couldn't buy one in the GW online store and we also needed it fast.

So I came up with the idea to use the lid of a plastic storage box to build one by myself. First I used a pair of compasses with two tips and a measuring tape to scratch circles in the surface at 5", 7" and 10". Then I used a waterproof felt pen to trace the lines and make them more visible.

Finally I cut the template out of the lid and voilá - finished. All in all it took me about five minutes and maybe two Euros. Our game went well and the template came in very handy

Sonntag, 7. August 2016

Iron Hands: Captain

As the Medusa Strike Force does not allow the usual HQ choices like Sciptors or Techmarines, I wanted a second Captain besides my existing Chapter Master/Captain on bike. However, I had no proper miniature at hand. So I reached deep into my bits box and built a fitting miniature. The final result is this lad here, based on a Sergeant Chronus miniature: 

I want him to look like a grim warrior who has fought for a long time without a pause. Hope you like him. This is in fact my fourth use of a Sergeant Chronus miniature, although I always built something different:

Now I am looking forward to our big game next Saturday...

Samstag, 30. Juli 2016

Iron Hands: Whirlwind

Die Fertigstellung des Whirlwinds hat etwas länger gedauert als gedacht. Das lag unter anderem daran, dass ich keine weißen Iron Hands Decals für Fahrzeuge mehr hatte. Ich pinselte daher in einer verzweifelten Aktion zunächst die Türen weiß und stellte dann fest, dass ich auch keine passenden schwarzen Decals mehr hatte. *argl* 
Dann fiel mir jedoch glücklicherweise ein, dass ich noch irgendwo ein paar Exemplare der Ordenssymbole von Forgeworld habe. Also, alles nochmals überpinselt und die Dinger draufgeknallt. Das Ergebnis sieht nun folgendermaßen aus: 

Mit dem Whirlwind kann ich nun auch die "Armoured Task Force"stellen und ich bin gespannt, wie die sich spielt. Hier der Panzer noch mit alternativer Bewaffnung als Razorback und eine Dachluke um ihn als Rhino spielen zu können: